Washing In The Rain? 7/10/2023

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Can You Pressure Wash In The Rain?

Pressure washing in the rain is an often discussed topic by homeowners on days that threaten rain showers. So, can you pressure wash your Charlotte home in the rain? In short, yes you can! While there are safety precautions you should take, pressure washing in a light to medium rain can speed up and enhance the pressure washing process. Here are the 2 main reasons why:

1) Rain allows pressure washing detergents to sit on exterior surfaces without drying.
2) Overcast skies enable power washers to easily see the areas being cleaned.

Rain Keeps Detergents From Drying Out

On sunny days, water evaporates quickly. On days the sun is covered by clouds, the water still evaporates, but at a much slower pace.
The same thing happens when it comes to pressure washing. Sun expedites the drying process of the detergent and water mix. While our technicians are certainly trained to handle all field conditions, including a scorching sun, an overcast sky is ideal for pressure washing. The additional drying time prevents soap streaks that would require an extra rinsing on a sunny day.

Rain Allows for Greater Visibility

You know those days when you have been driving and the sun shines perfectly into your window it can make it almost impossible to see. The same thing can happen on a sunny day when power washing. Our technicians prefer to work on overcast or rainy days because of the increased level of visibility. On the days there are fewer shadows on your home and it prevents the sun from shining directly into their eyes.

How Weather Can Impact Power Washing

As you now know, a light rain can make power washing easier and more efficient. But what about other kinds of weather? Heavy rain, lighting and thunder? In the case of a major downpour, lightning, or any other forms of extreme weather, cleaning is neither efficient or doable. Given these circumstances we will call you and reschedule the job.

Safely Pressure Washing in the Rain

At Zap It Wash, we take extra safety precautions when pressure washing during a light rain. All our electrical equipment is gas powered and operated perfectly in the damp climate. This allows our technicians to safely and efficiently take care of your cleaning service in the rain.

On top of that, our technicians are very experienced in every exterior cleaning condition. Our field staff is trained to take the necessary safety measures and make slight adjustments to our processes based on the weather. Simply put, you can sit back and relax knowing that even when the weather isn’t perfect, your home will be in Charlotte.

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