Concrete Power Washing 3/23/2023

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As we head into the fall, don’t forget about the concrete surfaces at your home.  Our Charlotte pressure washing company is full steam ahead cleaning concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios this time of year.  The reason for this is simple: Clean concrete not only looks fantastic but it is safer to walk on by being less slippery.  Algae, mildew and grime cause concrete surfaces to become like an ice skating rink after a rainfall. Concrete is a very porous material in reality, meaning it absorbs practically everything it comes in contact with. A professional cleaning service will flush these contaminants out by penetrating deep into the pores of the concrete for a thorough, professional clean! Topical stains like leaf and acorn spots can be eliminated at the end with a quality concrete brightening agent.  This technique will eliminate the stains completely from your concrete surfaces.

Pressure Washing Concrete In Charlotte NC

Concrete cleaning involves professional cleaning agents, surface cleaning machines, and a heavy final rinse.  When concrete is cleaned strictly with water and high pressure, the results are sub par at best.  A few problems with this method: 1) No detergents were used so the contaminants will come back quickly.  2) There will be streaks on your concrete (zebra stripes) that won’t look good when you finish.  You can see our concrete cleaning page here. When Zap It Wash cleans your concrete surfaces these marks will be gone completely and your concrete will stay clean much longer as well.  This is beneficial in maintaining your property for the long term.  Never clean your concrete surfaces with high pressure alone as this will be a short term solution at best. Concrete is a material created of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together that hardens with time.

Concrete is also the most frequently used building material in the world.  It’s used twice as much as wood, plastic, steel, and even aluminum. A concrete driveway cost ranges anywhere between $4-$7 per square foot.  That usually includes $3-$4 per square foot of materials and around $2-$3 per square foot of labor.  Typically a strong mix of concrete is 5,000 or more pounds per square inch of strength. At Zap It Wash, we have near 20 years of experience cleaning concrete surfaces in all shapes and sizes.  We are able to give you an estimate over the phone and don’t even have to come out to look at the surface.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call for your Charlotte pressure washing needs at 704-919-9730 or email

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