There are some things that we DO NOT clean with our pressure washing equipment. We are often asked about these on a weekly basis so we thought it best to make a detailed list of those services we DO NOT perform here at Zap It Wash.


Gutter Cleaning: We no longer clean leaf and plant debris out of gutters unless we are doing a House Washing service on your home (up to 2 story gutter cleaning only – no 3 story gutters).


Window Cleaning: We soap and rinse the outside of your window glass only with our House Washing service, but we do not clean interior windows. Also, a House Wash isn’t a detailed window pane cleaning. That is something a professional window cleaner does with a squeegee. This is best done after your House Wash has been completed.


New Construction: We do not clean new construction. That includes brick with concrete mortar smears (acid washing).

Vines on Siding

Excessive Vine Growth: Pressure washing will not remove vines on your siding or any brick surfaces. Consult a landscaping professional for this type of service.


Chalky Siding: Your siding is more than likely oxidized, at least to a degree. After it is cleaned it will be very free of dirt and contaminants but the oxidation will still be present. We cannot remove oxidation.

Wood Decks & Fences

Wood Cleaning: We light wash wood decks and porches if we are doing a House Wash. We do not strip wood decks to prep them for stain nor do we clean wood fences at all.

Garage Floors

Polished Concrete: Contrary to what most people think, pressure washing does not clean garage floors well at all. Also, you must concern yourself with water splash up on the walls and electrical outlets. We no longer clean these areas.


Motor Oil & Grill Grease: Oil stains on driveways and garage floors are common. We will clean your concrete driveway but if you have an oil stain it will not clean up well. Pressure washing isn’t a quick fix for oil stains, period. We do not clean oil stains only, but clean complete driveways. lt may make the oil stained area look a little better, but there are no guarantees.