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Let’s face it – the exterior of your home is going to get dirty. After all, it’s facing all the elements, year after year. Don’t you think it needs a good washing every now and then? Lancaster house washing is the affordable way to improve curb appeal! And with the help of the Lancaster pressure washing professionals at Zap It Wash, you’ll see just how cost-effective and easy house washing can be! House looks fine, but the driveway or patio need some work? Think those rust stains have ruined it? Fear not! Zap It Wash offers a full range of residential pressure washing services in Lancaster, South Carolina. From concrete cleaning to rust removal, we can get every surface clean – satisfaction guaranteed!

Likewise, exterior commercial cleaning will turn your business image around! No one likes shopping or dining in a dirty, dingy area. Call our Lancaster pressure washing experts, and stop letting that built-up grime turn your potential customers away!

Exterior House Washing Lancaster

Black streaks on your roof? Could be an algae plaguing our region called Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae eats the limestone in roofing shingles, and deteriorates roofs throughout the Lancaster area year after year. But you don’t have to get a roof replacement – just get your roof cleaned! At Zap It Wash our Lancaster roof cleaning professionals can save you thousands of dollars on a roof replacement by cleaning your current roof instead. Sometimes those black streaks are just dirty and grime. Sometimes it’s algae. Whatever the case is for your roof, our Lancaster roof cleaners have the detergents and experience to get it clean!

Driveway Pressure Washing Lancaster

You might not think such a small aspect of your home like the gutters could have an impact on curb appeal, but they do. Whether dingy or sparkling clean, your gutters are just as important to the overall appeal of your home as the siding, or the roof, the driveway, the landscaping… all these things make up your property’s curb appeal. Getting these things a good cleaning every once and a while is the most cost effective home improvement project you can invest in – that makes a big impact! Just browse through our gallery to see what a difference our Lancaster gutter cleaning and power washing professionals have made on homes and businesses throughout the Lancaster area.

Lancaster SC History

Established in the mid 1700, by the Scots-Irsh and English settlers.  Lancaster was known as the Red Rose City for their homelands in England, region of the famous House of Lancaster in the legendary War of the Roses. The Lancaster County Seal is unique, the upper right on the shield means the red rose of Lancaster.  The England shown to symbolize the Country’s history from its origin when the ancestors and settlers migrated from England to America then South Carolina.

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