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Pressure Washing Ballantyne NC

Home not as nice looking as it used to be? Don’t have the money to shell out for a complete exterior renovation, but would really like to improve your home’s curb appeal? Why not get it washed? Ballantyne pressure washing professionals like the licensed and insured contractors you’ll find at Zap It Wash can help you get your home’s exterior looking as good as new – affordably! You’ll be amazed at what a good, thorough cleaning can do for your property. From concrete cleaning to rust stain removal, our Ballantyne pressure washing company does it all.

To learn more about our services for pressure washing in Ballantyne, North Carolina, please call Zap It Wash at 704-919-9730, your local pressure washing company you can trust today.

House Washing Ballantyne NC

When your kitchen sink is dirty, you don’t replace it – you clean it, right? Well, the same can be said for your house. Just because your house is sporting stains, spider webs, green algae and dark streaks, it doesn’t mean you have to replace the siding. While those dark stains could be siding-latched algae, the house is just dirty. And that’s when you need professional Ballantyne house washing. Even if it’s mildew and algae, our Ballantyne power washing company has the solutions to effective kill that mess and save your curb appeal, as long as the damage isn’t too great. So do yourself – and your wallet – a favor. Call Zap It Wash to schedule service with our professional exterior cleaning service.

Driveway Pressure Washing Ballantyne

A nice suit can be as expensive and tailored as possible, but if you couple it with a pair of old sneakers, the outfit just isn’t going to cut it. Likewise, dirty driveways and walkways in Ballantyne have a habit of bring down the value of a home or business property. Don’t let this little detail slip by and ruin your property’s “outfit” – call the Ballantyne driveway cleaning experts at Zap It Wash for a stellar clean!

Ballantyne NC History

In Ballantyne with beautiful modern homes and retail complexes have proven for residents big-time amenities outside the city’s constant scramble.  A wealthy neighborhood on the city of Charlotte, occupying a 2,000 acre land adjacent to the South Carolina border.  In 1996, Ballantyne Country Club opened its doors.  Offers residents plenty to do during the year.  Private club 18-hole golf course, a clubhouse, five pools, tennis court, etc.

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