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There are many stucco homes that are found throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas. The beauty of a stucco exterior is that it looks great, it can be painted, and it holds up extremely well. Zap It Wash can pressure wash your stucco home using our low-pressure cleaning methods and detergents designed specifically for the surface. Stucco cleaning excellence depends on 3 things. The first is proper equipment; the second is preparation; and the third is proper cleaning methods.

If an inexperienced pressure washing contractor cleans your stucco with high pressure techniques it can cause several things to happen. First, you could damage your stucco exterior and have to have some repairs done. Second, your stucco will not be very clean. With a low-pressure chemical wash you can penetrate the deep pores of the stucco exterior and deep clean the surface. This is the proper way to clean stucco exterior.

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When cleaning your stucco sided property, you need to make sure the cleaning contractor is using a low-pressure, high volume cleaning method for premium results. Do not clean your stucco with either high pressure or aggressive cleaning chemicals that can cause damage or discoloration to your painted stucco surfaces. Zap It Wash should be your first choice for all stucco house washing needs. With near 20-years experience cleaning stucco surfaces we can handle any size project. Call us today at 704-919-9730!

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