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Porch & Patio Pressure Washing In Charlotte, NC

Practically every home in Charlotte & surrounding areas has a porch and patio attached on the home. Most of these areas are concrete with wood or vinyl railings and columns. These are great for entertaining and just general relaxation. Zap It Wash cleans many patios every year for our clients. Patios and porches often hold water and dirt making them a hot-bed for mold and mildew growth. These areas also congregate spiders, wasp nests, bird nests as well as general dirt and grime. This makes coming home and looking up less than fun. We can clean them to like-new condition.

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Professional Porch & Patio Cleaning Service In Charlotte

There is no need to go through an entire spring, summer, and fall with a dirty patio and porch when you can enjoy a clean, dirt free area for an affordable price. We have the best porch and patio cleaners the industry has and with those cleaning agents along with our top-notch equipment we can offer premium cleaning results.

Our safe-and-effective cleaning techniques allow us to lightly rinse any screens out as well to eliminate any dust, dirt, and debris. With the low-pressure cleaning methods that we can expand on rinsing screens is very effective and well worth it!

Our experience cleaning both porches and patios is extensive and will remove all the annoying trouble areas that happen every year on your lower and upper porches such as mold, mildew, algae, spider webbing and more making the area feel so much better. Contact us us today for an estimate!

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Zap It Wash services many locations near you in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.  Our trucks are conveniently located near your home or business, allowing us to provide you with fast and convenient service! Contact Zap It Wash for a fast and free quote anytime, we’d absolutely love to hear from you!