Gum Removal

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Gum Removal Charlotte NC

Chewing gum on concrete sidewalks is a continuing problem and seems to only be getting worse. Chewing gum is very unsightly and tacky and it contains things like germs and bacteria, and will never disappear off the concrete on its own. You need a hot water pressure washing machine and high pressure to remove it from entryways and flat surfaces.

Concrete Gum Cleaning Charlotte

Zap It Wash can remove chewing gum from areas around your business with the use of steaming hot water and the proper cleaning techniques. We can remove all gum deposits on your property at a time that is convenient either day or night and not interrupt your business operations. Contact our team today for an estimate!

Chewing gum removal is a consistently needed service, so ask us about a routine cleaning program to service the concrete areas every 2-4 months. This will keep the cleaning consistent and will cost less as well on your maintenance budget.


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