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Commercial awning cleaning is a specialized task and one that should not be left to the do-it-yourself or weekend warrior but rather should be cleaned by a company that specializes in awning cleaning. Awnings are brittle and expensive and the last thing you want is your awning ruined from the cleaning process. Awnings provide great curb appeal when clean while dirty awnings can do just the opposite and look unsightly and less than impressive. Awnings are extremely susceptible to the elements they can begin to take on mold and mildew, particularly in wet climates. The fabrics that awnings are made from can often become brittle. Zap It Wash can handle these cleaning tasks.

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Awning Washing Charlotte

Zap It Wash can clean either vinyl, cloth, or metal awnings. Our cleaning process is safe with the use of low pressure, specialty detergents, and soft bristled brushes. We can provide you with an estimate for the awning cleaning on your building. Don’t leave your expensive awning cleaning up to inexperienced contractors. High pressure cleaning will ruin the cloth every time. Call us today!


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