Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing Explained

Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing Explained

There is much confusion out there these days with the terms Soft Washing as opposed to Pressure Washing. Quite honestly, the term Soft Washing made things more complicated sounding than it needs to be. This, in turn has confused many homeowners on exactly what they should be looking for when getting their property cleaned.

Low-Pressure Cleaning

A professional pressure washing company will offer low-pressure cleaning methods for your homes exterior that is both safe and effective. When it comes to washing siding, trim, and window exteriors low-pressure cleaning will get you exactly what you need. Low-pressure cleaning is time tested and can be achieved with a pressure washer. By simply using different spray nozzles low-pressure cleaning can be achieved for both applying detergents and rinsing for a complete clean. High volume pressure washing machines are best because of their ability to rinse with such a very high amount of water volume. This ensures all detergents and dirt are rinsed thoroughly from the surface and also all surrounding landscaping can be heavily rinsed as well particularly during the hot summer months.

Soft Wash Cleaning

Soft washing is nothing more than using a 12 volt pump to clean. This is great for roof cleaning and dirty stucco. Both of these surfaces need stronger detergents to eliminate the organic staining. A 12 volt pump is not needed to wash general siding like vinyl and hardi-plank. Also, you cannot wash your concrete, paver, or brick patio with a 12 volt pump completely. A pressure washer is a must have to complete the cleaning of these hard surfaces. Where as a 12 volt pump cannot do everything needed on its own a pressure washer allows you to handle all of these things perfectly.

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